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Heat Pump Grants

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat Pump technology utilises the latent heat in outdoor air and the ground to provide cost-effective and environmentally responsible heating. These pumps can be used as standalone units or they can be incorporated into your existing heating system as an additional source of heat.

Operating a heat pump saves valuable resources

In contrast to traditional heating appliances, heat pump systems harness renewable energy from the ground, sun, groundwater or air. They therefore, reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, conserving valuable resources in the process. They also lower CO2 emissions that harm the environment. All of our heat pump heating and cooling solutions are designed and made to the highest standards, offering impressive efficiency and longevity.

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Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation involves several key steps to ensure efficient and effective operation. Firstly, a site assessment and technical heat pump assessment is conducted by our technical team to determine the best placement for the pump and the required plumbing. After this is complete our team will discuss options and best approaches with you.

Once agreed, the outdoor unit, which extracts heat from the air or ground, is installed. At the same time our team will install the internal components responsible for distributing the heat throughout your home and heating your water. After installation, the system undergoes testing and calibration to ensure proper functionality. Finally, home owners are briefed on the system’s operation and maintenance to maximise its efficiency and longevity. Overall, heat pump installation is a comprehensive process aimed at delivering consistent, eco-friendly heating for homes.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

This type of heat pump serves as a great alternative to conventional heating systems, as they enable you to generate your own heat and could help you to reduce both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. But what exactly are they and why should you choose one?

What is an air source heat pump system?

An air source heat pump can be a low-carbon form of central heating that moves heat from a natural outdoor element, such as the air, into your home when used in conjunction with renewable energy sources. They can take heat from outside in temperatures as little as -15 degrees and convert it into usable heat, with the help of electricity, to provide you with underfloor heating or hot radiators.

These appliances work by generating heat from the environment using a similar principle to a refrigerator, only in reverse. A fridge works by extracting warmth from the contents of the appliance, therefore reducing the temperature. An air source heat pump instead uses the heat from outside and brings it into your home.

For this process to occur, a fan is used to draw air across a heat exchanger (or evaporator). The heat in this air is transferred to a refrigerant circulating through the evaporator causing it to change from liquid to vapour. A compressor, using electricity, then compresses this vapour causing it to rise in temperature. At this high temperature, the heat is then suitable for transferring to the heating and hot water systems in your home.

Air source heat pumps have an outdoor unit that is installed outside your home, the size you require will depend on the size of your home, the number of people living there and your heating and hot water demands.

What SEAI Grants are available for Air to Water Heat Pumps through our One Stop Shop?

Experience savings with SEAI’s generous grant of €6,500 for heat pumps, coupled with an additional €2,000 bonus if your home exceeds a B2 BER rating on completion of the One Stop Shop project and an additional €2,000 for upgrades of existing radiators. Contact our team to explore how these grants pave the way for a greener, more cost-effective heating solution, ensuring both comfort and environmental responsibility within your home.

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