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SEAI Home Energy Upgrades - Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation Grants

Mechanical ventilation is an important part of the SEAI Home Energy Upgrades One Stop Shops program for retrofitting homes, and breathes new life into older homes, improving air quality and energy efficiency.

With the available SEAI grant of €1,500 for mechanical ventilation, integrating it as part of your retrofit project means ventilation becomes financially feasible. These systems efficiently circulate fresh air while recovering heat from outgoing air streams, ensuring a steady flow of clean, tempered air throughout your home. Today’s systems are efficient and provide duct connections to each wet room within your house. They continuously monitor the humidity level within the home and look for a man-made spike before boosting the unit, providing maximum efficiency.

By utilising the available SEAI mechanical ventilation grant to incorporate mechanical ventilation into your retrofit project, you’re not just improving air quality; you’re embracing a more sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle, ensuring a healthier, more comfortable home for you and your loved ones.

Our Dublin based team will advise you on the best ventilation options to suit your project.

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