One Stop Shop Grants for Windows and Doors

SEAI Grants Ireland

Benefits of New Doors and Windows

Upgrading to new doors and windows provides many benefits in addition to your house looking nicer. Better insulation, improved security, and increased energy efficiency are some of the key benefits. New windows and doors greatly minimise heat loss in your home, ensuring a more comfortable living environment while reducing energy bills.

Windows and Doors Grants through the SEAI One Stop Shop

The SEAI offers valuable grants to support homeowners in upgrading to energy-efficient doors and windows.
Grants for windows and doors are only available through the SEAI One Stop Shop and are not available if you are only adding one or two upgrades.

Grants for New Windows

  • Detached house €4,000
  • Semi-detached house €3,000
  • Mid-terrace house €1,800
  • Apartment €1,500

Grants for New Doors

These grants from the SEAI aim to enhance energy efficiency while making such upgrades more accessible and affordable. Our team will assist you in the application process, ensuring you maximize the benefits available through these grants.

  • Regardless of the makeup of your property the available grant for new external doors is €800 per door up to a maximum of 2 doors totaling €1,600.
SEAI Grants Ireland
One Stop Shop Retrofit Grants Dublin

Choosing your New Windows and Doors

The first step is to arrange an appointment with a windows and doors provider. We have some suppliers that we often work with and can put you in touch with them or you can choose to work with a company of your choice. We recommend that you visit their showrooms and begin the journey yourself and familiarize yourself with the various choices, colours and specifications available.
Once choices have been made and high level prices quoted they will come to your house and make the initial measurements for a final quote and talk you through the options available. We always advise taking a visit to a showroom at least once so you can see the options up close. Once you have selected the exact type of new windows and doors along with the colours they will generally send a fitter for one last detailed measurement before going into production.

Triple-Glazed vs. Double-Glazed Glass

We often get asked ‘should I go with triple or double-glazed windows and doors?’ While both offer enhanced insulation, triple glazing provides an additional layer, providing superior thermal efficiency and reduced noise transmission.
Modern double-glazing is extremely efficient these days and price may be the deciding factor. Providing you are hitting the required values with double glazing this should be fine for installation in your home. Our project team will be on hand to help steer you during the selection process.

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SEAI Grants Ireland

Is now the right time for me to replace my windows and doors?

If you are considering some additional upgrades to your home such as insulation, solar panels, and a heat pump through the SEAI One Stop Shop then now would be a really good time to replace your doors and windows as well. The only grants provided from the SEAI for new doors and windows are through the One Stop Shop programme.

Replacing doors and windows not only elevates the aesthetics of your home but also contributes to enhanced comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

Explore all the grants available through the SEAI to make these upgrades more accessible and contact us if you have any questions.

SEAI Grants Available – One Stop Shop

Detached House
Semi D
Mid Terrace
Windows Upgrade
External Doors

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