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Home Energy Assessment – Your First Step Towards an Energy Efficient Home

Welcome to the first step in your home’s energy transformation journey! The SEAI Home Energy Assessment is your starting point towards a more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable home. As a registered SEAI supplier, we’re here to guide you through every step of this journey.

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

A Home Energy Assessment will be conducted by an independent registered BER (Building Energy Rating) assessor and is a detailed evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency. The inspection analyses various aspects of your property in Dublin, highlighting areas where improvements can be made to enhance energy efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption.

During the energy assessment, the assessor will examine current insulation levels, your heating system, ventilation setups, and energy usage patterns within your home. This will identify a variety of opportunities for upgrades that can significantly improve your home’s energy rating.

Why complete a Home Energy Assessment?

A home energy assessment is a recommendation of the SEAI’s One Stop Shop programme. The assessment provides a detailed report that serves as a roadmap for your retrofit project.

This roadmap will provide tailored recommendations on energy-efficient upgrades specifically designed for your home. These recommendations consider your property’s unique characteristics aiming to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

Your roadmap will include:

  • A Building Energy Rating (BER) assessment of your home’s current rating.
  • A full technical report on how energy efficient your home currently is.
  • Details on the various improvements needed to get your home up to a minimum B2 BER rating or above.
  • A heat pump technical assessment that will highlight the necessary requirements you need to make sure your home is heat pump ready.

  • A report to show how the upgrades will improve your home.
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Your One Stop Shop Journey Begins

By taking this initial step, you unlock access to the full range of grants available as part of the SEAI One Stop Shop grants programme, and our team will then begin working together with you to plan your home retrofit project.


  • Tailored Recommendations: Personalised suggestions for energy-efficient upgrades tailored to your home’s needs.
  • Grants and Financial Support: Discuss available grants to assist you in making these upgrades more accessible and cost-effective.
  • Expert Guidance: Access the expertise of both a certified assessor and our team, ensuring that your journey towards efficiency is supported every step of the way.

What Grants are available for a Home Energy Assessment?

The SEAI offers grants of €350 for a home energy assessment. It is important to note that you can claim a grant for this once, and once only, so timing is important. Learn more about available grants through the SEAI One Stop Shop.

How do I get a Home Energy Assessment?

Contact our team who can arrange a home energy assessment at a convenient time for you. Let us help you take this significant step to a warmer, more efficient home.

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