Deep Retrofit BER: C3 to A1

As seen on RTÉ’s ‘Room to Improve’

RTÉ Deep Retrofit: 4-Bed Semi-D

  • BER: C3 to A1

  • Total SEAI One Stop Shop Grants: 

  • Total SEAI Grants: €25,650

  • External Insulation Grant: €3,500

  • Solar Panels Grant: €2,400

  • Heat Pump Grant: €8,500

  • Air Tightness Grant: €1,000

  • Ventilation Grant: €1,500

  • Radiators Upgrade Grant: €2,000

  • Windows & Doors Grant: €4,800

  • Project Management Grant: €1,600

  • Home Energy Assessment Grant: €350

Transforming Homes: A Deep Retrofit Project in Collaboration with RTÉ’s ‘Room to Improve’ Featuring Dermot Bannon, and Daniel & Sandra Davey

Our collaboration with RTÉ’s ‘Room to Improve’ television show led by Irish architect Dermot Bannon involved a deep retrofit project, far exceeding the scope of a typical SEAI One Stop Shop grant upgrade. This transformative project involved a complete reconfiguration of the home, presenting an opportunity to reimagine and renew several aspects of the property.

Challenges and Objectives

The original home faced numerous challenges thus a comprehensive renovation was required. The homeowners were wonderful to work with and as they had been living in the property for a period of time their objectives and vision were clear: not only to enhance energy efficiency through SEAI One Stop Shop Grants but also to create additional living space and re-imagine family areas for a more functional and comfortable living environment. As Daniel spent so much of his time in his kitchen for work it was imperative that we created a uniquely special area for him. Daniel wanted to create an outdoor office area that he could work from and record videos and podcasts for his clients.

RTE Room to Improve Before After PhotosRTE Room to Improve Larkrock Green Homes


“The challenge was to see how cheaply we could retrofit this and make it a really warm house and then using whatever was left of the budget, to reimagine it as a family home, as two offices, all within the existing walls – that’s the challenge.”
– Dermot Bannon, January 2024

RTE Room to Improve Larkrock Green Homes

Transformation Highlights

The renovation saw several upgrades, including:

  • Reconfigured family spaces, providing a more cohesive and inviting atmosphere for the whole family to relax.
  • Addition of a warm outdoor office space providing a quiet area to work and more space inside for the family to have fun.
  • Gorgeous landscaped gardens, creating a place to relax on warm sunny days.
  • Extensive insulation upgrades (internal wall, cavity walls, external wrap, attic, etc.), ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

  • Installation of a heat pump and solar panels for sustainable energy sourcing.

  • Upgraded floors, new doors and windows, enhancing aesthetics, functionality and warmth.
  • New custom designed bathrooms and washrooms.
  • Upgraded radiators.

Customer Testimonial:

“It was all about staying within budget and achieving the maximum result, and we’re delighted to say Larkrock ensured we achieved our dream home.”
– Daniel and Sandra Davey, January 2024

Collaboration with ‘Room to Improve’

Partnering with ‘Room to Improve’ and Dermot Bannon was a great experience and brought an innovative perspective to the project. Dermot’s design insights and collaborative approach ensured the project was not only functional but looked great, making a dream home for the Davey family to enjoy.

Our Turnkey Project Management Approach

Given the extensive scope of this transformative One Stop Shop project, detailed planning was required. Collaborating with all stakeholders was essential to ensure progress and adherence to the Davey family’s vision.
We wanted things to run as smoothly as possible and stayed close to the homeowners throughout.

RTE Room to Improve Larkrock Green Homes
RTE Room to Improve Larkrock Green Homes

Structured Planning and Collaboration

Detailed planning sessions were carried out by the Larkrock project team outlining every aspect of the project, covering design, logistics, and execution.

Trade Partnerships

On a regular basis we collaborate with a network of skilled tradespeople and can bring painters, tilers, and carpenters into the design process and project implementation.
During this particular project we were happily able to introduce many from our network and their contributions were pivotal in bringing the Davy family’s vision to life.

Extensive Product Access and Discounts

Larkrock have established trade discounts with leading flooring and bathroom wholesalers across Dublin. To further enhance cost efficiency, the Davey family were able to tap into our network. This not only streamlined procurement but also allowed us to pass on cost benefits to the homeowners, contributing to overall project affordability, something we’re happy to bring to all our projects.

Key Suppliers Include:

  • Samsung Heat pump supplied by Joule.

  • Radiators – Affinity range by Vaporo.
  • Heatvision Plumbing.
  • Weco Battery, Solas Hybrid Inverter, Longi 430W All Black Mono panels supplied by Solartricity.

  • Sonas Bathrooms in partnership with Brooks.

  • Keith Healey Cabinetry supplying all kitchens and wardrobes.
  • Munster Joinery Windows and Doors.

  • ER Electrical Limited.
  • MJS Insulation External Insulation.
  • Barney Coleman Engineering – Structural Steel.
  • Firepro – Fireproofing of Steel.
  • Leinster Property Assessors – Home Energy Assessment Consultants.
  • Engineer – SDS.
  • Carpets GOC Carpets.
  • Tiles – Porcelanosa.
  • Stove – First Class Fireplaces.
  • Wooden Flooring – Floor Design Ltd.
  • Outhaus – Granite Paving Slab’s.

Collaborations for Kitchen and Wardrobe Installations

Working in partnership with kitchen and wardrobe installers we know enabled us to offer preferential pricing and access to a range of design options. This was a great way of ensuring the project stayed within budget and was delivered on time. Again an additional service we’re happy to provide to people planning larger renovations.

Homeowner-Centric Approach

As with all of Larkrock’s projects central to our approach was a focus on keeping the homeowners closely involved throughout each phase of the project. Regular updates, collaborative design sessions, and clear communication ensured that their thoughts were not only heard but considered each step of the way.

RTE Room to Improve Larkrock Green Homes
RTE Room to Improve Larkrock Green Homes

Outcome and Impact

The project resulted in a remarkable transformation that surpassed expectations. The reimagined spaces have given the homeowners a new lease of life, and with increased energy efficiency and insulation upgrades they now have a cozy home to live in.
The impact was not only visible in the property’s amazing new look, but also in the improved functionality and energy performance. Originally a C3 BER the home now possesses an A1 BER.

SEAI Grants and Additional Benefits

While the SEAI One Stop Shop Grants were instrumental in achieving energy efficiency goals set out by the Davey family, the project delivered far beyond, with expanded living spaces and a home that now showcases what can be achieved with a deep retrofit project.

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