Semi-D South Circular Road

BER: C2 to A1

South Circular Road Semi-D

  • BER: C2 to A1

  • SEAI One Stop Shop Grants Claimed:

  • Total SEAI Grants: €23,350

  • External Insulation Grant: €6,000

  • Solar Panels Grant: €2,400

  • Heat Pump Grant: €8,500

  • Air Tightness Grant: €1,000

  • Ventilation Grant: €1,500

  • Radiators Upgrade Grant: €2,000

  • Project Management Grant: €1,600

  • Home Energy Assessment Grant: €350

The Challenge:

Addressing a semidetached-terrace house in Dublin dating back to the 1900s posed a unique set of challenges, including:

  • The homeowners felt the house was very cold, drafty and uncomfortable in the winter months especially and wanted an insulation solution as the number 1 priority.
  • The Kitchen was a small space and was very different to the front of the house with its high ceiling and natural light.
  • The homeowners required a Heat Pump and new heating system in place and significant re-plumbing.

  • There was a previous leak a few months prior and there was structural damage to the beams and ceilings.
  • The homeowners desired underfloor heating which necessitated a considerable amount of effort.
  • They owned a mews out the back of the house and wanted to use this to fit solar panels to supply the main house.
  • They wanted full bathroom renovations, a new kitchen, full electrical rewiring and lights upgrade, a polished concrete floor over underfloor heating, full painting of the whole house and for us to present the house back to them in a turn key solution.
One Stop Shop Retrofit Grant BeforeOne Stop Shop Retrofit Grants Dublin

Customer Testimonial

“We’re delighted with our One Stop Shop grants project. The team at Larkrock were a dream and helped liaise directly with the SEAI and delivered the perfect result!”

OSS Retrofit Grants

Our Process

Home Energy Assessment

The first step in this project was to assist the homeowner with a Home Energy Assessment. This provided the homeowner and our team with the roadmap for the required retrofit upgrades. We were then able to carry out a thorough assessment of the property, identifying critical areas needing attention and crafting a comprehensive retrofit project plan.

Consulting the Homeowner

Updating the homeowner regularly was important to the successful delivery of this project. We arranged frequent calls and visits as necessary, making sure their preferences and concerns were integrated into our plans. Our project manager kept the homeowner informed of progress, milestones, and any modifications made, ensuring their involvement and confidence throughout.

Detailed Planning

Our project management team developed a detailed roadmap, outlining each phase and task intricately to ensure a streamlined and efficient execution of the retrofit and agreed the plan with the homeowner, including:

  • Project length was 3 – 4 months.
  • Walls were knocked to make the kitchen bigger, two windows in the Kitchen were enlarged as well.
  • We included external insulation at the rear of the house to ensure the dew point was kept externally and no damp issues arose.
  • We sourced a breathable internal insulation for the front walls and the side wall back to the fireplace to ensure no cold bridging.
  • We put in a mechanical ventilation system to ensure air quality in the house and moisture levels are good and healthy.
  • Solar PV and Battery System installed.

  • Heat Pump and new heating system in place including underfloor heating and significant re-plumbing.

  • All the challenges of the client were met including full bathroom renovations, new kitchen, full electrical rewire and lights upgrade, polished concrete floor over underfloor heating, full painting of the whole house and for us to present the house back to them in a turn key solution.
One Stop Shop Retrofit Grants Dublin
One Stop Shop Retrofit Grant Before

The Outcome

The successful completion of this project is a transformed property in Dublin, with significantly improved energy efficiency and comfort levels. SEAI One Stop Shop grants of €23,350 were claimed towards the retrofit. This project resulted in an improvement of a C2 to A1 BER.

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